• Anolestyle's Business Products And Philosophy

Anolestyle is a brand store that has been engaged in the design and sales of color contact lenses. We are committed to designing more fashion high-quality color contact lens products and make our customers can enjoy the best products with a sense of design.

  • Anolestyle's Products Safety

Anolestyle products have passed professional evaluation and obtained professional certifications of U.S. Food and Drug Administration  (referred to as FDA), International Organization for Standardization ( referred to as ISO) and CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE (referred to as CE).

  • Anolestyle's Products Series

Anolestyle mainly has THREE types of color contact lenses, classic hot-sale round color contact lenses, fashionable love heart color contact lenses and unique square color contact lenses.

  • Anolestyle's Vision                                                   

Anolestyle also has always gone out of its way to provide our customers with quality contact lenses in many colors and collections, providing fashion, beauty and health for every customer. See the world in a clearer and more comfortable way with our certified colored contact lenses.                             

  • Anolestyle's Services                                                                                                                                              
 Worldwide Shipping    Professional Online Service   Secure Payment 


Whenever and wherever, Anolestyle will try the best to provide the highest quality service, and try our best to make everyone have a pleasant online shopping experience every time.We will strive to provide high-quality, affordable products and services, so that every customer can enjoy every "value for money" journey when shopping online. 
Anolestyle also provides a 14-day return period for all products, to ensure that if customers are not satisfied with the products, they can choose to replace or refund at any time (see return and exchange terms and conditions), so that every valued customer can shop with 100% peace of mind.

Of course, we have also received high praise from customers all over the world, which is a recognition of our Anolestyle brand, and we will continue to stick to our original intention and continue to innovate, so that our customers can trust and support.     

  • Anolestyle's Company Information:

Email: support@anolestyle.com

Phone: +86 13763352108

Address: 3rd Floor, No. 274, Xinsha Avenue North, Huangshatou Village, Xintang Town, Guangzhou City, China